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Highly Legal: Let Cannabis Consulting Help Navigate to Business Compliance Requirements

Researchers have shown the cannabis business market is one of the fastest-growing markets out there. If you’re thinking of getting into this successful field, give us a call and let our cannabis business consultants help you!

Thinking of Breaking into the Green Frontier?

Not all industries are created equal! Imagine breaking into an industry that adds nearly $100 billion to the economy on a yearly basis, pulls in nearly $3 billion dollars or more in tax revenue, and helps statistically lower alcohol and tobacco use in young people each year. All of this is possible for those who take a leap and break into the cannabis industry. However, there is a legitimate concern that selling legalized weed can get anyone into sticky situations with the law. If that’s your concern, Cannabis Consulting can help you navigate the waters of legality. 

Laws evolve all the time, the market continues to grow and expand, and the types of innovation in the cannabis industry seem to know no bounds. You may want to break into the market and get a taste of the unprecedented successes others have experienced in this field, but getting started can be difficult, especially since it is a relatively new market with many unknowns—even for those with experience. 

There are many facts and figures to consider when understanding the ins and outs of this business. For example, 63% of regular cannabis customers come from the Millenial and Generation Z groups. Knowing this information can help you unlock the potential audience to advertise to. Cannabis business consultants can help unlock more of the mysteries surrounding this industry, as they have unrivaled knowledge, strategic guidance, and a passion for innovation. They work to empower potential entrepreneurs to navigate the complex landscape of this industry. 

Cannabis consultants offer a deep understanding of growth techniques, branding, product development, and most importantly, compliance. Cannabis consultants work to help those with big aspirations for their cannabis venture. With their expertise, innovation, and insights, these aspirations can be turned into thriving enterprises.

What Exactly Does a Cannabis Business Consultant Do?

If you decide to turn to a cannabis counselor for help, what should you expect? You can expect working with objective troubleshooters offering a unique perspective tailored to help your “Cannabiz.”  Cannabis business consultants have two main roles: 

  1. They provide guidance and expertise to you by helping navigate the industry’s unique challenges. For example, many business owners don’t realize that although the federal government does not recognize the legality of Cannabis, OSHA still has jurisdiction to check cannabis worksites. 
  2. They help businesses work to a maximum level of efficiency by helping them plan, network, and expand their business methods and operations. For example, Where should you be marketing? Well, 27% of Gen Z spends more than five hours a day on TikTok—maybe that’s a good place to start.  

In this rapidly growing industry, shouldn’t you have someone in your corner who knows how to handle the laws, regulations, growth patterns, trends, etc., of the business? Here’s what a Cannabis consultant will help you with: 

  • Cannabiz Compliance – It is the job of a cannabis consultant, first and foremost, to help cannabis entrepreneurs stay updated on the ever-changing laws and regulations surrounding the growth, development, and sale of cannabis. They help owners understand and adhere to all laws, license requirements, and zoning regulations and, of course, comply with local, state, and federal laws. 
  • Know Your Audience – A cannabis business consultant assists owners in developing business plans tailored to the needs of the industry. Through this process, consultants analyze the market, project financial operations, plan for branding and marketing, and identify competition within their target markets as well as find opportunities for growth. 
  • All the Legal Things – There are often special licensing requirements when it comes to owning and operating cannabis businesses in order to operate under the law. Cannabis business consultants guide owners through the application process to make sure that all necessary documentation and requirements are completed. 
  • Money Talks – Oftentimes, when a cannabis business owner needs financial guidance, budget forecasting, or other financial analysis, a cannabis business counselor will advise ways to secure funds, navigate any challenges with banks, and understand the tax obligations of the industry. 
  • A Well-Oiled Machine – In this ever-growing industry, cannabis business consultants help turn business operations into well-oiled machines by providing any expertise they can regarding new growing techniques, managing and marketing inventory, supply chain, and quality control. 
  • Risky Business – The consultant also assesses potential risks and challenges faced by the business. This may include compliance risks as mentioned before, but also security, liability, and other strategies that minimize potential financial and legal risks, as well as those that might harm the business’ reputation. 
  • Growing Network – The vast network of cannabis business owners is much more easily navigated with the assistance of a cannabis business consultant. They leverage their position in the industry to secure strategic partnerships, collaborations, and supplier relationships. They also can help connect businesses with other relevant stakeholders and investors. 
  • Broader Horizons – In this rapidly growing and changing field, it is imperative for businesses to work continuously on scaling their business and expanding product lines in the market. Cannabis business counselors stay on top of market trends while they conduct studies and help entrepreneurs explore growth opportunities.

Let Us Help Get You Higher Growth!

If you are curious about becoming a cannabis business owner in this fast-paced and fast-growing industry, already a cannabis business owner, or just looking for a new venture in which to invest, then a cannabis business counselor can offer specialized guidance on every step of your journey. MSO & Co. is a trusted advisor to serve in assisting your navigation through the complexities of the industry. A cannabis business consultant can help you grow to your full potential and maximize your business’ chance for success. 

Now is the time to act by giving us a call and scheduling an appointment with an expert in the cannabis field! With this call, you’ll be connected with a consultant who has unparalleled experience in the field, is able to maximize your potential opportunities, and will tailor strategies to make sure your business venture is able to navigate challenges every step of the way. 

Take the leap and make the call today to get your business higher and position yourself for long-term sustainability and success. Message us today and we’ll walk you through how we can get you started right away!