D.J. Gregory

Vice President & Chief Construction Officer

DJ Gregory brings to MSO more than 15 years of commercial construction management experience, including over 220,000 square feet of cannabis-specific construction management experience and over 300,000 square feet of construction consulting for national cannabis opportunities in limited-license states.

In addition to his role on the leadership team of MSO, Gregory is CEO of a full-service construction company, Calypso Construction – dedicated to the cannabis space on a national level for nearly a decade. Mr. Gregory has been a part of projects for MSO’s (Multi-State Operators) and SSO’s (Single-State Operators), from 7,000 square foot craft grow facilities to 100,000+ square feet state-of-the-art mega facilities. He’s an outspoken and published advocate for an efficient design-build process that starts with the plant from the very beginning and ends with an efficient and dialed-in facility worthy of cultivating and processing the best and cleanest alternative medicine products. Mr. Gregory has built a team of professionals that join him on projects and opportunities across the country to bring their experience and lessons learned, on top of passion for the cannabis industry, to the table to create responsible and efficient cultivation, processing and retail facilities.  Gregory is a graduate of the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS with a degree in Industrial Design.